Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Do you think I'm over-reacting?

So I've just taken delivery of this ground anchor, chain and padlock from Pragmasis, to bolt the replacement bike, when I get it, to the floor.

Torc ground anchor, chain and lock

The reviews of most bike locks make depressing reading, so I've gone for the biggest thing I can find.  Just to get this in perspective, the keys are longer than a normal front door latch key.  Yes, that's right, the anchor, chain and lock are huge - and very heavy (over 6kgs).  This thing gets a 5 star rating in the review on

If the buggers want to nick my next bike, they'll have to take the house as well.


John J said...

You're not over-reacting at all - shame it doesn't incorporate a booby-trap.
Now that just MIGHT be regarded as over-reaction. Maybe.

Alan Rayner said...

240 volts sounds good.

Tony Bennett said...

JJ: Yes, indeed. I had a similar conversation with a policemen only yesterday about ways of obtaining DNA!

Alan: I couldn't possibly comment on that ;¬)

Mike Knipe said...

Remote control exploding saddle. Just sayin...

Tony Bennett said...

Mike: you're a bad'n. It's a thought though.

Pauline said...

Tony, I have two brilliant ideas:
1. Buy a couple of Asda bikes and leave them in the garage unlocked as decoys.
2. Store the new bikes in all their component parts ie the frame in one place, each of the wheels somewhere else, saddle and seat post in the house etc