Friday, 26 April 2013

Stanage Long Causeway - Conservation Interest Document

Earlier today I googled for "Stanage SSSI" as I wanted to try and establish the SSSI boundary in relation to the Long Causeway.  At the top of the search results was this link to a pdf file on the site, headed "Appendix 1 - Long Causeway - Conservation Interest".  I haven't yest been able to find out what it's an Appendix to or even if it's meant to be in the public domain but it makes interesting reading.  It's not a long document and below are are the opening paragraphs of each of its three main sections.

Ecological Interest
The whole route passes through the South Pennine Moors Special Area of Conservation (SAC), Peak District Moors Special Protection Area (SPA), the Eastern Peak District Moors Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Stanage Edge Regionally Important Geological Site (RIGS), Section 3 Moorland/Natural Zone and the Dark Peak Nature Improvement Area (NIA)

Archaeological Interest
The route forms the boundary of two Historic Landscape Character (HLC) areas – Enclosed Moorland and Open Wastes and Common - and is considered to be of medieval origin. A section of paving to the north of the route is a Scheduled Monument (SM).

Landscape Interest
Long Causeway lies within the Natural Zone within the National Park and the Eastern Moors
Landscape Character Area (LCA).

The National Park is designated for its internationally and nationally important landscape.

I think perhaps the Peak District National Park Authority need to remind Derbyshire County Council of the above.

Yesterday, in an email to someone on this subject, I incorrectly asserted that DCC were one of the stakeholder organisations in the Sheffield Moors Partnership.  I've just checked the draft masterplan document and they are in fact not listed in this capacity.  I find this quite staggering given that a fair portion of the 56 square kms of the "Sheffield Moors" as defined in the draft masterplan lies within Derbyshire. Looking at the detailed map on the SMP website, I see now that the Long Causeway runs right along the boundary of the Partnership area, and it's unclear from the map whether the Causeway lies within their purview or not.

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