Wednesday, 24 April 2013

More 'vandalism' of Stanage Long Causeway by DCC

Latest pictures of the resurfacing work that Derbyshire County Council are carrying out on the Long Causeway over Stanage.  This is mostly below the old gate posts towards Dennis Knoll car park but some larger rocks on the track up from the gate posts have been broken up now suggesting they are intending to continue their wanton destruction of this ancient byway.

Just above the gate posts looking towards Dennis Knoll

Looking back up the slope, showing the smashed up larger gritstone boulders

Below the gate posts looking back up the Causeway

Below the gate posts looking down the Causeway

I asked one of the guys working on this why they were doing it and I was told "because people wanted it".  When I ask which people, he said "Horse riders"

I don't know if that is the case and if so, if it is sufficient reason for creating this ugly scar through an SSSI.  I doubt that there are many walkers and almost certainly no mountain bikers want it.  I can't see the 4x4 drivers wanting it either - where is the challenge?

The next phase of work is to rebuild a retaining wall on the steep part of the Causeway running below the edge.  This will no doubt create a lot of damage to the adjacent moorland.  I can see the only need to rebuild the wall is to make it 'safe' for 4x4s.  If they re-open the Causeway to this group,  I imagine the amount of traffic will increase over previous levels.  If they cointinue the resurfacing up the top, it will practically be possible to drive from end to end in family car.

DCC is the county authority in whose region most of the UK's busiest national park lies yet they seem to be completely out of touch with how to preserve the natural or rural enviroments.

Why are theyu so intent on destroying this special place in the Peak District and why is the PDNPA allowing it to happen?  Surely they exist to protect the wild places within the Peak District National Park.


fell running guide said...

I saw a JCB on there and wondered what was happening. Surely they'd be better off spending the money filling potholes on the roads!

Tony Bennett said...

Yes, it's ironic that the Causeway will have a better surface than any of the roads in Sheffield which lead out to it. Different council, different priorities I guess. Not that SCC seems to have any priority to fix the roads but that's a topic for another time.

Anonymous said...

This trail sanitization is a consequence of lobbying by Patricia Stubbs of the Peak Horsepower pressure group to create horse friendly circular routes in the Peak District.

Anonymous said...

And now that the route is smoother than the surrounding tarmac and "repaired" with alien materials, it has been closed to vehicles by the Peak Park.