Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Testing GoPro Hero 3

I bought a GoPro Hero 3 Silver edition last week.  Apart from a rather brief and nithering muddy ride in Cropton forest last weekend, this is its first proper outing - part of my ride to work over Stanage. 

I'm using the GoPro Android app to preview the picture and I though I'd set the camera running down at Redmires from the app.  However, when I downloaded the footage onto the laptop, it seems I was some way past Stanage Pole before the recording had started - probably at the point I had to re-adjust the camera on the bar mount after a rather exciting slide on some ice.  A similar thing happened in Croption on Saturday, where I found I'd missed the first 15 minutes of the recording.  I'm beginning to suspect that the start button in the app doesn't actually work and I need to press the one on the camera.  Or perhaps I need to read the (f*!%ing) manual. 

It's a pity about the lost footage because the views from the top were just stunning this morning - rich blue sky and snow on the distant hills, bitingly cold in the shade but warm enough in the sun.  I could almost imagine I was in the Alps (except for the absence of pointy bits.)

The quality of the mp4 file downloaded from the GoPro is extremely good (HD).  This edited and highly compressed clip just doesn't do it justice and the stripes and other artefacts are not in the original.  I'll post a hi-def version on YouTube sometime.

The handlebar mount seems to work pretty well.  I thought there might be more shaking and vibration evident in the picture but it's not bad.  It would be interesting to try the helmet and chest mounting options.

Looking out of the office window, I see it's clouded over now.  The ride home looks like being a chilly one.


John said...

Brilliant bit of video - that ice looks a bit hairy!


Tony Bennett said...

Hi JJ, Yes I had a couple of intersting slides - one was a bit close to the edge. The ice actually made the lower section easier by holding all the cobbles in place!