Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ready, Steady Go...Pro

I found the missing bits of video from my first two GoPro tests.  It turns out that their is a maximum file size that can be stored on the card, which is a tad under 2Gbytes and the Gopro cleverly rolls onto another file.  Why I didn't initially see all the files through Windows I'm not sure.  So I hadn't lost any footage.  Except that I then failed to copy of one of the files to the laptop before reformatting the card.  So having found the last section of the Stanage run, I lost it again.  Doh.

However, all was not quite lost.  As well as the high resolution mp4files, the GoPro creates some lower res files, also in mp4 format but with the file extension .lrv.  If you rename these to have an .mp4 extension, they can be viewed in your favourite media player.

So the video below is the complete Stanage Causeway run from end to end but the last third is at a lower res.

I'm still experimenting with the optimum settings to use when creating videos to post to YouTube.  The video editor I am using has three different predefined configurations for YouTube but even the  HQ setup appears to have lost quite a bit of picture quality by the time it gets processed by YouTube.  I may try posting the same file to Vimeo and see if there is a noticeable difference.  I tend to think that stuff on Vimeo often looks crisper than YouTube.

The final thing I am grappling with is that the sound card on my laptop  has either developed a fault or isn't up to the job or maybe it's the driver.  You may noticed a few burps it's added to the soundtrack.

With a bit of luck, by the time we go across Scotland with the bikes in May, I will have worked through these problems and know what I'm doing.

Stanage Causeway - Redmires to Dennis Knoll car park

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