Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Not TGO Challenge Preparations

I was feeling fairly relaxed about our planned Fort William to Montrose cycle until I started reading on blogs that the Challenge was only 13 weeks away.  That means our trip is only 14 weeks away.  Eeek.  We haven't been out on the bikes for nearly a month, so as soon as this snow clears it will be time to man up, I guess.

We're still grappling with the logistics of getting the bikes and trailers to Fort William  and the car to Montrose.  The current plan, such as it is, is to drive to Glasgow where Hilary will take the car onto Montrose and I will get the Train to Fort William.  There I will hire a van, drive to Montrose to collect her and the stuff and we'll drive back to Fort William and return the van.  And then the fun will begin.  It's not an ideal plan but better than trying to get two bikes and trailers by train from one end to the other. 

Before all of this however, we will be heading over to France with the bikes for Easter, making a return trip to The Vosges, where had a few good days cycling last March (some of it in snow).  I never did get round to blogging about it but here are a few pics.

Snowy forest trail above Belle Hutte, Vosges

Lunch Stop
Chillin out at the bottom of the Belle Hutte ski lifts
Above La Bresse
Creux ChĂȘne refuge on Le Circuit des Chapelles, Val d'Argent
A chapelle on Le Circuit des Chapelles
Me trying to get closer to Jesus.  He's perched on the top of the pinnacle but my faith (in the rock) wasn't strong enough!
French Hairy Vaches - but it feels strangely like being in Scotland!
At Easter you need to beware of giant chickens
...and scary rabbits

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Al said...

I've heard good things about the Vosages. A timely reminder!
Good luck with the training for the Scottish trip. I've got a bit more time to prepare for mine:-)