Saturday, 16 February 2013

Another Place

Went over to Liverpool today to see Joe.  Called in at Eighteen Bikes in Hope on the way to buy a new tyre for the bike, after yesterday's aborted ride up to Stanage pole, where I couldn't get any traction in the snow (took an hour an half to get the office).

Redmires yesterday morning

The track to Stanage Pole

By this morning more of the snow had melted but someone had dumped a pile of cotton wool in the Hope Valley.

Hope Valley this morning.  Win/Lose hills, MamTor
and Kinder Scout on the horizon

We drove out to Crosby to see Antony Gormley's cast iron men on the beach, in Another Place.  I've been wanting to go here for some time now.

Reflective Man

Sinking Man

Green Man

America is that way, Man

Reflective Man (again)
Being cast iron, they have been quite aggressively corroded by the salt water, resulting in very flaky skin.  They are solid but eventually, I suppose, they will just rust away and there will be no indication they they ever stood here.  Some are farther out and were half submerged.  They are quite extraordinary and wonderful.  It is altogether a quite extraordinary place, with the cranes of Liverpool docks so close and the hills behind the north coats of Wales off in the distance.  It should like to visit them in the summer.  I imagine the feel of the place might be quite different.

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