Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Plan B

So in the absence of a place on next year's challenge and no big desire to sit by the phone waiting for the call, it's Plan B, which is... Fort William to Montrose by mountain bike and trailer

Corrieyairack Pass

The route will be pretty much out of the Scotland Mountain Biking guide, with perhaps a few small variations and is:
  • Fort William to Fort Augustus along the Great Glen Way
  • Fort Augustus over the Corrieyairack Pass to Garva Bridge (or Laggan)
  • Garva Bridge (or Laggan) to Glen Feshie - most likely Ruightechain 
  • Ruightechain  to Braemar
  • Braemar to Ballater
  • Ballater, possibly over but more likely round Mt Keen, to Tarfside
  • Tarfside to Montrose
This should come in at around 175 miles and 17,000'.  The plan is start off about a week after the Challenge, which means everyone should be leaving Montrose as we arrive. 

Glen Feshie


Martin Rye said...

Good idea that. All the best with that trip Tony.

Al said...

Now ya talkin!! Great stuff, got something similar planned for the future myself.