Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wild Camping

I don't usually repost but these are a couple of useful and well thought out articles from Dan Bailey in UKHillwalking that I thought were worth sharing (especially the second one on where you can do it)

Top Ten Tips for Wild Camping

Wild Nights Out - Responsible Camping and the Law

More mountain biking adventures in Scotland to follow soon...

Wild camp by R Nethy, on track to Fords of Avon, Cairngorms


Al said...

Looking forward to more mountain biking adventures. That looks like a Mythos Duo if I'm not mistaken. I have one, "Its Great"

Tony Bennett said...

Al: It is indeed a Mythos Duo. Hilary will be well chuffed you spotted that. A fab little tent she got in the sale at Cotswold's in Bakewell - though a bit bright to wake up in on a sunny morning, I fancy!