Saturday, 30 April 2011

Introducing the Sporkzilla

Since everyone seems to be doing gear reviews these days and in the absence of anything serious to write about, I thought I'd bring this new bit of gear to the attention of the world or at least that small corner which follows this blog.

Advertised by Outside in Hathersage as the Sporkzilla, it is a monster spork - the red one in the picture is a spork of normal dimensions This truly hyperbolic utensil it is the mother (or should that be Mothra?) of all Sporks - a spork worthy of Crocodile Dundee II (that's the bad one, set in New York). 

Presumably targeted at those with a larger appetite or in a hurry to eat their freeze dried nosh, it weighs in at a hefty 50g (compared to around 10g for a normal spork).  UL backpackers might be inclined to shy away from such a beast but it could easily double up as a poo trowel, tent peg and comb.  It is almost perfect for getting stones out of horses hooves or boy scouts out of girl guides (or other boy scouts).

So rush out and buy one - you know you want to.


Mike Knipe said...

Thats not a sport, its a SPORK
Aerosmith used one on their Pennine Way trip, I believe. Not sure which one of the group used it, though

The Odyssee said...

I can understand the need for a longer spoon so that you can get to the packet bottom without getting food all over your fingers.
But i never need a fork when backpacking. 50gr is too heavy too.

Andrew W said...

You can't beat a BIG ONE Tony, or so I am told.