Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hutton Roof - Farleton Fell

For new year I visited my friends Nick and Anne in Kendal.  New Year's day was cold and grey and after some 'what about' around the high lakeland fells (from the comfort of the kitchen table) we opted for something completely different and headed for the M6.  I've driven past Farleton Fell many times.  It's the limestone outcrop you see from the M6 just south of the S Lakes junction with the A65.  I think it's the eastern end of a band of limestone which runs west through the Furness region of southern Lakeland.  There are no caves there (as far as I'm aware) although there are caves in Furness and there is a chapter on Farleton crags in a climbing guide for the area. 

We parked at Hutton Roof and headed west up onto Hutton Roof Crags. 

Sign in Hutton Roof

The area is short grass and low limestone crags and boulders.  On a warm summer's day it must be lovely!

Hutton Roof Crags

Hutton Roof Crags

Dropping down to the road, we crossed over to Newbiggin Crags and passed between limestone pavements up to the summit of Farleton Fell (265m).  The limestone here dips to the south east, away from the summit.

Dipping limestone pavement on Farleton Fell

On the summit of Farleton Fell. 

Farleton Crags

We had a brief lunch stop below the summit, sheltering from a biting wind and then walked along the base of the crags running along the western edge before scrambling up a couple of benches to reach some magnificent limestone pavements.  These were decorated with sizable limestone boulders, presumably deposited by a glacier in the last ice age.

Limestone boulders on Farleton Fell

Dropping down to the quarry at the southern end of the hill, we turned west and headed back to Hutton Roof, pausing only to view a couple of Ravens riding the thermals. (Thermals when it's that cold?  Well I guess it's all relative). 

There look to be a lot of interesting nooks and crannies to explore on both Hutton Roof Crags and Farleton Fell and some nice looking opportunities for mountain biking and climbing / bouldering on a warmer day.  In clearer conditions there should be some good views of the Lakes and Pennines.  As it was, we only caught a few glimpses of Ingleborough and Morecambe Bay.
6 miles and a 1000' or thereabouts.


Mike Knipe said...

Tony Hutton Roof Crags and it's little satellites are absolutely fabulous in May/June when the may blossom is in full flower, when it's heavily scented and the berds are singing their little beaks off....
Its a perfect stop-off/dog walk for anybody on a long trip up or down the M6.
Fab stuff...
If it was in Scotland, it'd have a wind farm and a golf course on it

Pennine Ranger said...

Mike, if there were a wind farm and golf course there, folk could practise getting a hole in one by bouncing the ball off one of the turbine blades