Sunday, 28 November 2010

A walk around Burbage

Drove up to Burbage with Joe and one of his mates this morning.  Ringinglow Road was gritted up to the boundary with Derbyshire whereupon the driving became quite exciting.  Fewer people out than one might have expected when we set off - we were passed by a group of fell runners - but busier by the time we got back to the car, including quite a few climbers out with bouldering mats.

Here are a few pictures from our walk.

Looking back towards Burbage Brook and Ringinglow Road

Burbage Edge

Higgar Tor


Stanage Edge
Ice Crystals

Ice Crystals



The Odyssee said...

I just love pictures of snow flakes and icicles. They are so unique. Lovely.

Lee said...

I was also walking in the Burbage Valley on Sunday...didn't spot myself on any of the photos though.

The weather and conditions were absolutely perfect though; and unusually there didn't seem to be any snow on Kinder Scout.

Pennine Ranger said...

Alan: If I'd had the bottle to lay in the snow I could have got a better angle on some of those crystals!

Lee: oh you'll probably be in one I didn't post ;) Bet it looks a bit less friendly up there today!