Monday, 14 June 2010

More CWT Preparations

I'm starting to get quite excited about this upcoming Cape Wrath Trail trip.  We're only doing the first 70 miles this time, cos we is wage slaves, innit.  And really it's the North to the Cape route, cos the other way looked less exciting.  Oh and we're starting from Glenfinnan to miss out a day of road walking and get into that wilderness experience right off but the plan is to try and avoid as much road as possible and maybe take in the Forchan* Ridge and The Saddle.

*I'm sure this will get called another name on the day.

My bottle of Avon Skin So Soft has just been delivered, which I have been reliably informed by one or two folk from north of the border is the best thing for warding off the midgies.  It's certainly very smelly and my skin is, well, oh so soft.  And there isn't a midge in sight - but then I am sitting in the office.

Also and even more exciting, was the arrival of my Ultra-Light titanium pot from Backpacking Light, accompanied of course by the usual bag of sweeties (jelly babies this time - thanks guys!).  It's soooo light.  If it were any lighter it would just float off.  Anyway, I can't wait to have my first meal out of that.

Took the rucksack and my son for a short walk round Burbage on Saturday afternoon, where we did a bit of geocaching and a bit of ice cream eating.  Both surprisingly good fun, don't you know. 

Geocache site somewhere at Burbage - not telling you any more than that!

As one further bit of preparation for this walk I've started running again.  I don't gain any real pleasure from this activity.  I'm worknig on the premise that pain now may mean less pain later.  Anyway, I mention this because I've just been out on a track up near Redmires and as well as seeing Lapwing and Curlew, I also got sight of a couple of Golden Plover, which I've never seen here before.


Mike Knipe said...

The thing about skin-so-soft is that you put vast quantities of it on and the midgies just drown in it. Innit?
(The wife is an Avon lady - you should have said, we've got gallons of the stuff here...)

The Odyssee said...

Good luck with the CWT. Hope you get lucky with the weather and the midge.
I take it you are following the Brooke and Hinchcliffe route and not the David Patterson.
Have a good trip.

Pennine Ranger said...

Mike: I shall be sure to bathe in the stuff twice a day!

Odyssee: Yes Brooke and Hinchcliffe is the general idea but maybe a bit to the right after Falls of Glomach to avoid the coast road to Strathcarron. I think it will depend on weather and enthusiasm!

The Weekend Dude said...

Quite funny, I posted about Skin So Soft recently and someone let me in on the secret that it isn't a deterrent for the blasted midgies it's just that it creates a greasy layer that the blighters can't get through - not fussy mind whatever keeps them at bay is a winning formula.

Have a great trip whichever route you take.

The Odyssee said...

Just another snippet of info re skin so soft.
I always put into a full bottle of SSS, 5ml of Lavender oil which i get from Health shops like Holland and Barrett.

I was told this years ago, apparently the midge doesn't like it..
If it's true or not i can only surmise but it's rare that i get bit after application.

Anonymous said...

Oooh I fancy this trail! Glad to have found it, and your blog. Will have to examine your Burbage pic in more detail; I spent my birthday night wild camping at the bottom of the valley ;o) One of my favourite places on earth!