Monday, 14 September 2009

Hayfield and Kinder Scout (again)

Kinder Scout seems to have become a magnet for me this year and, to overdo the use of metaphor, I find myself drawn to it like a moth to flame for the forth time in 2009 - with yet another trip planned in a couple of weeks time.

This was a short afternoon walk with a friend on, what in Sheffield, started out as cloudy day but was sunny and blustery on the western side of the Pennines.

We set off from the car park at Bowden Bridge Quarry, just up the hill from the village, which to my shame I didn't realise until we got back to the car, was the start of the Kinder Mass Tresspass. 

Plaque commemorating the Mass Trespass of 24 April 1932

It took a bit of bumbling to get out of the valley onto the right path, which at one point had us walking away from KInder Scout instead of towards it and wasn't helped by a chap on a bike who was also lost and stopped to ask us directions.  Isn't it always the case - you visit a new place and someone asks you the way.
 Looking towards Brown Knoll

As it was our target was a bit fluid and in the end we skirted the south west flank of Mount Famine and headed up to Brown Knoll.  From there we ambled along the ridge, shouting to be heard over the noise of wind and watching our speech bubbles blow away across the open moors.  Reaching the fence, we made a turned left at the wobbly stile that leads to the Brown Knoll trig point and headed for the path up from Jacobs Ladder.  Then on to Edale Cross, which we seemed to have walked past without noticing and, pausing for a light lunch, walked back down to the car park via Kinderlow End.  This side of Kinder is new to me and needs some further exploration.  Our route seems to be a popular Sunday afternoon walk.  There were certainly a lot of walkers and mountain bikers to be seen.

Descent back into Hayfield

I am curious about the origin of the name Mount Famine but searches on Google and Wikipedia have drawn a blank - what hope is there for the world when one can't find the answers there?!  There appears to be an annual fell race up it, which someone commented was quite hard.  I thought was the point about fell racing.  If it were easy, even I would do it.

Pleasant walk in good company and fine views of the eastern gritstone edges on the way home.

Some walks pose risks from giant local fauna

6.5 miles and 1450' ascent

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