Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Why Pennine Ranger?

I find chooing names for website logins a real challenge, which is why I've ended up with this somewhat pretentious name of Pennine Ranger. It comes from an Oldham Tinkers song, which a mate introduced me to in the 70s. It is pretty much the only song I can remember all the words to and it goes thus (I think):

Three Pennine Rangers went up t' t'hut / The beans were on the Primus all cover'ed with soot / One Pennine Ranger went to shut the dooer / The beans fell of the Primus and cover'ed the flooer.

Three Pennine Rangers looking very sad / One said to t'oother, "Eee me lad, that's bad" / For there goes our supper, sustaining and supreme / For how can a Ranger exist wi'out his beans?

Then in the distance, coming very quick / Was a Pennine Ranger and in his hand a stick / And in t'other, what d'you think was seen? / You're right first time me lads, a dozen tins o' beans.

Now the Pennine Rangers were sat down to a feed / Each the other's capacity was trying to exceed / And when they'd finished, they couldn't get through the dooer / So they had to spend the night, with the beans upon the flooer.

So now you know :¬)

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Martin Rye said...

Rangers according the Lord Of The Rings "Are dangerous folks" You write a fine blog and hanging out with Mr Knipe got you blog mentioned to others. Hence me saying hi. I will call again.